Project Description

Stay at Home Scarface

Say hello to Tony Montana’s new little friend: his infant son! This parody of adult coloring and activity books tells the story of Scarface applying his gangster skills to childcare. Now Tony has mountains of (baby) powder on his desk, and when he takes someone for a ride, it’s the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. Tony will do whatever it takes to stay on top in the parenting game, even when a rival father next door challenges his “#1 Dad” status.

“Tony is babysitting my kids right now!”

-Big Boi, OutKast

Stay at Home Scarface is fucking brilliant. Every stay at home dad with kingpin dreams should own this…”

-Combat Jack, The Combat Jack Show

About the Author: Kenny Keil is a writer and artist. His work has appeared in MAD Magazine, Vibe Magazine, and The Devastator. His other works are Rhyme Travelers, Death Trip, and Tales to Suffice. He’s also a stay at home dad and gangster movie enthusiast.