Project Description

The Best American Emails

A collection of the greatest writing in the American literary canon: email correspondences. From the eerily foreboding chain letters forwarded from your aunt, to the slyly persuasive emails of Russian black market pharmacists, we scoured your inbox for this satire of literary collections and flagged these threads as timeless gems.

The messages selected for Best American Emails are the platonic ideals of “I’m running late” messages, vet appointments, freelance gigs queries, awkward breakups, and impotent death threats. This collection is edited by author and renowned email receiver Amanda Meadows.

“Amanda Meadows is funny as hell and you’ll think so, too. Buy the damn book, cheapskate.”

Mike Sacks, author of Poking a Dead Frog

About the Author: Amanda Meadows is a humor writer in West Hollywood, CA. She has written for McSweeney’s, College Humor, Jim Henson Company, and countless less impressive places. She was named a “Rising Star” by Publishers Weekly, in no small part due to her Em@ily Award winning emails.