Project Description

At Least You’re Not These Monsters

Is your life bad? Hate your body? Bad breakup? Brain all weird? Hey, we all have problems. But at least you’re not the monsters inside this book.

“This book made me feel much better about my awful personality and disgusting body.”

-Avery Monsen, author of All My Friends Are Dead

“I wish these monsters well and hope they find peace in their awful, horrible lives.”

-KC Green, creator of Gunshow

“This book is messed up. The good kind of messed up.”

-Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Invader Zim

About the Authors: Danny Lacy is a comedian and artist. He’s created glorious content for companies such as Comedy Central, VICE, Adult Swim, Jagjaguwar, and more. Mike Levine contributes little to society and plenty to The Onion, Heeb Magazine, McSweeney’s, BustedTees and The Devastator.