Project Description

Grosslumps: Tales to Irritate Your Spook Glands

Here lie nine spooktacular, hauntifying, and ghouleriffic tales by horror mega-maestro P. F. Chills! A high school where human sacrifices are the illest. A magic button that delivers killer pizza. An aging rock band who turns fans into demons. A kid who discovers his parents’ divorce lawyers are aliens. These stories and more will give you a nasty, highly contagious case of the grosslumps.

“For every adolescent, there’s one author who helps you grow — shapes you into the adult you become. I read a lot of P.F. Chills as a youth, and for me that author was Judy Blume.”-Jesse Thorn, host of Bullseye and Jordan, Jesse, Go!

About the Author: P. F. Chills’ horror books for children are sold in Dollar World bargain bins across the country! He’s written over 900 books. If you stacked them all on top of one another, you would have the premise for Grosslumps #598: The Ghost Librarian’s Teetering Stack.