Project Description

A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek: The Next Generation

These are the voyages of Joshua Chapman. In 1990, at 11 years old, he wrote a field guide to the alien races of Star Trek: The Next Generation season one for school. He continued the project through his awkward teen years. Boldly go from season to season and learn about TNG aliens from Acamarians to Zibalians. Explore strange new feelings, like Joshua’s obsession with Data, and Joshua’s angst toward his mother, who’s more terrifying than a Yridian’s face. Engage… with humanity at its weirdest.

“Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of my favorite television series. This is my new favorite book about the show.”

Farel Dalrymple, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Wrenchies

“This book teaches you all about the fantastic and fascinating aliens in Star Trek and isn’t sad or tragic at all!!”

Ryan North, Author of To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable Path Adventure

“I haven’t read this book. But, if I did, there’s a good chance I’d like it.”

Brent Spiner, “Data” on Star Trek: The Next Generation

About the Author: Zachary Auburn is the author of many bestselling books and zines, including How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety. His work has been featured in Slate, the Portland Mercury, and Utne Reader.