Project Description

Dream It! Screw It!

Disney theme park Imagineers think up hundreds of ideas for rides and attractions that never get used. But no Imagineer has created more terrible and rejected ideas than Dipp Disney. Walt’s cousin was a sloppy drunk, a complete idiot, and a lovable showman, whose 7000 attraction ideas never saw the light of day… until now. This mock homage to Disney Imagineering contains Dipp’s most ridiculous concepts, like the Haunted Mansons, the Hindenburg Sky Resort, and Judge Doom’s Toon Execution Room. Includes concept art, photos and stories spanning decades.

“This book clearly shows why some people should never be Imagineers…”

-Dana Snyder, comedian and co-host of Drunk on Disney

About the Authors: Geoffrey Golden is the bestselling author of Frankenstein’s Girlfriend, Snarkicide, and co-author of Grosslumps. He also writes Sesame Street comics and (not a joke) Disney Princess comics.

Shing Yin Khor is a Los Angeles based cartoonist, sculptor, and swamp witch.

Elan’ Trinidad and his 2009 Eisner Nomination for Best Webcomic fails to impress drunk girls at bars. Currently, Elan’ lives in random hotels in Asia, evading Trump supporters.

Reid Psaltis is a West Coast wanderer working as a science illustrator and making comics in his spare time.

Marc Palm is a cartoonist and illustrator in Seattle where he creates strange and often disturbing images. He was the organizer of the Intruder comics newspaper.