Project Description

The D.A.D.D.Y. Complex

Adventure and comedy collide like a MQ-9 Reaper drone and a clown car in this edge-of-your seat thriller that makes Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher look like a pair of poodle ovaries. Plus the poodle is in menopause.

This hilarious parody of bestselling page-turners your dad reads on the toilet centers on hero maverick Theo Sultan Ð an ex-sharpshooter and former Navy SEAL lawyer. It’s the week before Father’s Day, and one-by-one, the nation’s greatest dads have been mysteriously kidnapped. With the help of a sassy girl-hacker and support from a high-ranking military official, hero Theo Sultan Ð a patriot who plays by his own rules Ð embarks on an unclassified mission where everything is as it doesn’t seem.

“Pattersby’s protagonist, Theo Sultan, is a pimple on the ass of American literature.”

-Nelson DeMille, NYT bestselling author of The General’s Daughter

“A spot-on hysterical parody that manages to suck you in just as effectively as the potboiler page-turners it is skewering.”

-Josh Miller, author of A Zombie’s History of the United States and creator of Fox’s Golan the Insatiable

About the Author: Luke Pattersby is a bestselling author with over 50 million titles in print today. He has been to Italy, China plus many other countries, and has three ex-families with whom he is not close. Visit his website,

About the Real Author: Ryan Sandoval is a comedy writer from Ventura, California living in Los Angeles who has written jokes for Netflix, MTV, Machinima, Amazon, and FX. He is a true fan of suspense thrillers, and enjoys a relaxing life with his wife and dog.