Project Description

Super Advanced Wizards of Cockblock Forest

Friendships will be broken, wingmen will betray those for whom they wanged, and many fligglenaxes will be slain in Wizards of Cockblock Forest: a Dungeons & Dragons tabletop RPG parody game.

Cockblock Forest is a place like no other! Actually, it’s a lot like Brooklyn, if Brooklyn were populated by goblins and dragons, as well as hipster d-bags. To become this world’s most powerful Wizard, convince ambisexual Faeries to have sex with you. When a Wizard “gets it on” with a Faerie, the Wizard gains magic power, and the Faerie gains many enchanted regrets! However, there are scarce few Faeries in this forest, so shut down your fellow sorcerers’ game – by any means necessary! (1 to 6 players)

“A loving parody of Dungeons & Dragons… AND YES, IT’S A REAL GAME.”


About the Creators: Author Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator. In addition, he’s written for Cracked, Buzzfeed, Sesame Workshop, Warner Bros and others. Illustrator Paul Roman Martinez is the creator of The Adventures of 19XX.