Project Description

Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Rise of the Axeholes

Fill your flask with the cheapest of ales. Recite spells that dick over your Wizard friends. Craft the perfect Faerie pick-up lines. It’s time to return to Cockblock Forest. In this expansion guide for the hit Wizards of Cockblock Forest parody role- playing game, hoards of rich, well-dressed Axehole orcs have invaded your turf. Use “wingmagic” with your pals to banish them back to their gaudy McFortresses.

Halt Wizards! To play these scenarios, and get your “sage” on, you’ll need the Super Advanced Wizards of Cockblock Forest game manual.

“Hilarious… a fully-playable (and fully cringe-inducing) Dungeons & Dragons parody.” –Suduvu

About the Creators: Author Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator. In addition, he’s written for Cracked, Buzzfeed, Sesame Workshop, Warner Bros and others. Illustrator Paul Roman Martinez is the creator of The Adventures of 19XX.