Project Description

Slash Fiction Through The Ages

For over a hundred years, the sister mediums of animation and comic strip have provided us with many of the world’s most beloved fictional characters. From Bugs Bunny to Buzz Lightyear, cartoon characters have made us laugh, made us cry, and even made us think time and time again.

Devastator Press is honored to present this volume of heretofore unseen stories and illustrations starring cherished characters like Mickey Mouse, Popeye, and Fat Albert. Join us for an incredible journey through the history of animation and comics, for a book of DIRTY TALES AND SCRIBBLINS WHEREBY TOON DUDES ARE DOIN’ IT XXX GAY STYLE.

Fans of the original Slash Fiction Through The Ages stories from The Devastator: Cartoons will go LOONEY for this collected edition, with a new introduction from the embarrassed author and a hot tale involving an iconic, theme park loving rodent (whose parent company is notoriously litigious).

About the Creators: Author Patrick Baker has written for MTV’s Popzilla, Global TV’s Bob and Doug, NPR’s Right Between The Ears, and is the author of Lit Libs and Senseless Sensibilities. Illustrator Elan’ Trinidad was nominated for a 2009 Eisner for Best Webcomic and currently works on an animated show that teaches kids to buy its toys.