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Brent Spiner’s TOK-WARZ

devastator-7-tok-cover-web Ready to jack-into the cyber-world, Tok-headz? Author Brent Spiner continues his series of award-minded TOK-WARZ novels with Book 17: The Spy In The Cyber Ointment, the hottest sci-fi novel written by Brent Spiner in 1993!

Join Cyber CIA agent Chip "Datajack" Wilson on his latest assignment: To bring down CEO and secret kingpin of the drug "Tok," Marcus Computermonitor. With his trusty blastopistol by his side, Chip will sneak into Marcus' headquarters, but when things get rough, will Chip have to become everything he hates - a Tok addict - to beat Marcus at his own game?

Yes! Yes, he will!

TOK-WARZ is part of the "Spies" issue of The Devastator,a quarterly comedy magazine featuring new works by 30+ writers and artists from The Daily Show, The Onion, Adult Swim, Marvel, DC Comics and more! Our seventh issue uncovers the gritty, suspenseful, andtantalizinglytedious world of espionage! Read a preview below.


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