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Meet a Friendastator

Reid Psaltis

Reid Psaltis is an illustrator and indie comics artist from the Pacific Northwest. His first graphic novel Kingdom/Order has been featured on Study Group Comics, and has also contributed comics to TopShelf 2.0, Trip City, The Rumpus, The Bear Deluxe, and other publications. He has also begun self-publishing a personal anthology of his shorter comics titled Misnomer. In 2014 Reid took a step back from comics and moved to California to pursue a graduate degree in natural science illustration. He is looking forward to keeping active in both fields, and hopefully bringing them together with some science themed comics in the future. To see more of his work go to www.reidpsaltis.com and www.studygroupcomics.com or follow him on Instagram and Tumblr @trimetrodon.

The Devastator: Fantasy, The Devastator: Horror

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