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Asterios Kokkinos
Writer, Editor, 2016 Authors

Asterios Kokkinos is a stand-up comic who's written and performed for FOX, Spike TV, Yahoo! Sports, The Nerdist, Maximum Fun, Geek & Sundry, National Lampoon, Screen Junkies & Cracked.com. He's been featured on NPR's Marketplace, and starred in a series of comedy shorts for Hungry Man Dinners. His work has been praised by The Huffington Post, College Humor, Playboy and The Onion AV Club.

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The Devastator: Cartoons, The Devastator: Sci-Fi, The Devastator: Cats, The Devastator: Arcade, The Devastator: Fantasy, The Devastator: Indie, The Devastator: Spies, The Devastator: Crossovers, The Devastator: Toys & Games, The Devastator: Apocalypse, The Devastator: Otaku, The Enemies of Twenty-Something Mega Man, Wizards of Cockblock Forest, Grosslumps, The Devastator: Horror, The Enemies of Twenty-Something Mega Man II, The Devastator: Space Epic, Leg Drop Digest

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