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Adam Fay

Adam Fay is a character designer, storyboard artist, and illustrator based out of Los Angeles. He has worked in TV, film and mobile games, on projects for FOX ADHD and The Spongebob Movie 2. After graduating from CSU Long Beach with a degree in Illustration, he was worked steadily, building up his skills and working in a variety of styles. While he studied as a traditional artist, a majority of Adam's work is done digitally with a Wacom Tablet. But he still finds enjoyment in sitting in a coffee shop and caricaturing the various customers. Character design is Adam's main passion because he likes the sense of creating a personality and all the little details of their physical form that go along with it. His dream is to one day create his own 22 minute animated show for Cartoon Network. Adam is currently freelancing and looking for full time work.

Website | Tumblr | Twitter & Instagram: @AdamFaySketch

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