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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

American Appalling: Minutes from an American Apparel Board Meeting

12:05 pm – Meeting delayed due to beer not being ironic enough.

Devastator #6: Indie Teaser

A new issue of Devastator? American Apparently.

Introducing The Ninja Turtle Corgi 2

It’s the best thing to happen to Ninja Turtle Corgis since Ninja Turtle Corgis.

Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Adult Prom on Volcano Island

Polish your mystical tiara! Vaseline your ogre teeth! Spike the elven punch!

Indie Issue Preview: Invasion of the Klostermen

The greatest pop culture natural disaster in history!

Arrested Dogvelopment

Finally, the long-awaited return of America’s favorite quirky Ninja Corgi family.

Wolverine One-Liners

Cutting-up Marvel’s mightiest mutant with nothing but our adamantium-laced funny bones!

Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Skeleton Fraternity Alumni Party

Remember thy secret handshake, bra! A Wizards of Cockblock Forest exclusive supplement!

Mr. Do!

Clowns! Tunnels! Literature!

Stat Attack: Hobbit Venn Diagram

The Hobbit has been divided into three movies, but we’ve broken down the filler for you.