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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Skeleton Fraternity Alumni Party

Remember thy secret handshake, bra! A Wizards of Cockblock Forest exclusive supplement!

Issue Six Preview

A sneak peak at our next issue, courtesy of Noah Van Sciver!

Stat Attack: Hobbit Venn Diagram

The Hobbit has been divided into three movies, but we’ve broken down the filler for you.

Fill-In Fantasy

Finally, your very own chance to create the Final Fantasy game you’ve possibly longed for!

Our “Daily Twist” on Oreo’s Anniversary

The Mayan Calendar clearly foretells of hydroxide-laden snack treats performing heinous acts on a global scale…

Corgis, Cake Pops and Baby Turtles

These very ears and eyes are conduits to your inevitable doom.

Funny Tweets from the Devastator Staff

Step Up Revolution! Dark Knight! Book Deals! Mortality! Urinal claws!

President Chester Cheetah Arthur

The first set of fingerprints they found when Garfield died had cheese-powder on them…

Wizards of Cockblock Forest at San Diego Comic Con!

Wizards of Cockblock Forest will be LIVE at Comic Con International for 2 nights! Join us in Ballroom E for free snacks and prizes!


Less Bounce! More Trounce!