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The Devastator

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Subscription Renewal Letter

Dear Attractive Devastator Subscriber,

Thank you for devastating with us from the very beginning. Subscribing to an indie magazine takes serious guts and incredible good looks!

If you received your fourth issue in the mail, its time to re-subscribe. Our goal is to make every issue better than the last, and we want to make your subscription better, too!

Renew Your Subscription by February 20th and You Receive:

* 4 more glorious issues mailed directly to your door!

* The Devastator Digital Subscription to enjoy those issues digitally!

* A subscribers-only signed Mini-Issue in 2012!

* One Subscriber Super Card for freebies and deals at conventions!

* Exclusive $3 discount at Meltdown Comics, online and in-store!

* A digital download of our first novella, Snarkicide!

All for the ridiculously low price of $30!

How to Renew:

1. Click Here.

2. "Add To Cart."

3. Use coupon code TURBOSAUCE at checkout for $$$ off.

Weve come a long way since the first issue. Imagine what The Devastator #8 will be like it could have rocket boosters... or something!


Hail Devastator,

Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows

The Editors


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