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The Devastator

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Skull and Books Society


Skull and Books Society
Skull and Books Society

Be part of the secret, ancient order we just started.

Once a month, you will receive a brand new funny book from The Devastator in the mail or a book by one of our noble contributors. You will also have unlimited access to The Vault of Vaults, where you can read every book we've ever made in digital format, DRM free. Delve deeper inside The Vault of Vaults for a monthly Skull and Books audio newsletter that takes you behind the scenes at Devastator HQ.

To summarize:

  • (1) new funny book delivered to you every month
  • Unlimited digital downloads in our DRM-free Vault
  • Exclusive audio newsletter

At this time, we are only accepting (50) members. Join us... while you still can!

Price: $10 per month


Skull and Books members will receive these titles and more in 2017:

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