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The Devastator

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The Devastator: Reddit Edition

We are the editors of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans. Featuring writers and artists from Conan, The Daily Show, Adult Swim, Marvel and DC Comics, we're sold in stores across the country and in the UK.

Our Reddit Edition is kind of a magazine mix-tape (though sadly, no Spin Doctors this time),assembled and edited specifically for Redditors!Non-redditors who try to read this issue will explode, and their funerals will be downvoted, then submitted over and over by legions of bandwaggoning karma-whores.

Download the free PDF, and if you like it, we hope you'll consider picking up a full issue or a subscription. Print copies are 54 pages, full color, and bound like a paperback book for just $8. Our 4 issue subscriptions are $32 and include free shipping, a free prize, plus a digital subscription. Click here to browse our wares.

The Devastator #4: Arcade comes out in November and features new work by James Kochalka, Jon Schnepp, Danny Hellman, Corey Lewis, Super Meat Boy and more! You can pre-order it here.

Thanks for reading, Redditors!Let us know what you think in the Reddit comments section, thengo back to browsing /r/jailbait!


The Devastator: Reddit Edition Contributors


Greg Schmidt (Cover Concept)

Marly Halpern-Gaser ("Slums of Tron")

Asterios Kokkinos ("Bicentennial Manners")

Geoffrey Golden ("Sinistartlingly Racist")

Dan McCoy ("AVP Litigation")

Cartoonists and Illustrators:

Jimmy Hasse (Cover)

Alexander Barrett ("The New Companion")

Orpheus Collar ("Slums of Tron")

Angus Oblong ("Bicentennial Manners")

David Malki ! ("The Amazing Inspector Gadget")

Shing Yin Khor ("Sinistartlingly Racist")

Scott Gross ("Cathair Apocalypse")

Grace Anderson ("AVP Litigation")


























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