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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

Radvent Sale: 11/26 – 12/15




Ho-Ho-Whoa?! Thanks to magical elf-suicide prevention nets, Santa's Workshop is working mega-overtime to bring you the most X-TREME, brand new, 1-day only Devastator holiday deals from today to December 15th! Subscriptions, single issues, art prints and other goodies will be bundled up for Christmastime Consumerism!Plus, a few freebies are magically sprinkled in the mix...

Best of all, everyone who spends $25 or more on our Radvent deals gets their name in the next issue of The Devastator! God bless us, everyone... who spends over $25! The Deals of Radvents Past...

  • 12/14 - Total Annihilation Pack: Requiem -You get our limited edition, hand-signed Volume 1 Collection (while supplies last), The Devastator #5: Fantasy, The Devastator #6: Indie, a 6-Issue Subscription thatll take you through issue 12, plus our Boobz zine with a Radvent-Only X-Mas Variant Cover! All of that madness, a $93 value, for just $75!
  • 12/13 -Not sure which issues to buy? Let us decide. You get 3 hand-selected issues of The Devastator for just $20!
  • 12/12 - Old School Gamer's Delight:You get The Devastator #4: Arcade, a Rampage art print and a Kid Trapped In Arcade Game Sticker! A $14 value for just $10!
  • 12/11 - Art Print Mystery Bag:Cover your walls with all of the funny! You get 5 hand-selected art prints (8.5 x 11, suitable for the gaudiest framing) - a $25 value for just $15!
  • 12/10 - You're #1: You get The Devastator #1: Cartoons (only a few left!), an Inspector Gadget art print and a Join or Die sticker- all for just $10!
  • 12/7 - Give The Gift of Devastation:Give a family member, friend or frenemy a 4-Issue Subscription to The Devastator at our convention price of just $25! The first issue comes gift-wrapped with a funny, personalized holiday inscription.
  • 12/6 - Cockblock Loot Bag:You get The Devastator #5: Fantasy, our brand new Advanced Wizards of Cockblock Forest zine, featuring an all-new holiday gaming scenario, plus a pair of 20-sided dice for $15 just $10!
  • 12/5 - All The Small Things:You get all the stickers and buttons you could ever want! 10 hand-selected items for $10 just $5!
  • 12/4 - The Cat Pack (Mee-ouch!):You get The Devastator #3: Cats, our fail-tastic Keyboard Cat print and a badass cat sticker for D3! Adopt em all for $14 just $10!
  • 12/3 - iPadroid Reader Pack:You get a 4-Issue Digital Subscription to The Devastator, plus Snarkicide, a hilarious e-novella about horror movie bloggers, all for $11 just $5!
  • 11/30 - Get Lucky with a Subscription:You get a 4-Issue Subscription to The Devastator, plus a mysteriously awesome grab bag of stickers, buttons and art prints! A $50 value for just $35!
  • 11/29 - Losing Our Shirts and Collections: Were almost out of our 100 limited edition, hand-signed Volume 1 Collections (5 left) and our Iron Logo t-shirts (large is the only size left), so get them both today for $42 just $30 while supplies last!
  • 11/28 - Turbo Tube of Posters:You get our three most popular posters: Cathair Apocalypse, Marvel vs. Capcom and Invasion of the Klosterman - all in one snazzy-ass tube for $24 just $20!
  • 11/27 - Cool Kids Christmas:You get The Devastator #6: Indie with six 1 inch pins to personalize your badass denim jacket or messenger bag for 14 just 10 bones (dollars - human bones not accepted).
  • 11/26:Napsack O' Knockers:You get a 4-Issue Subscription to The Devastator at our convention price of just $25, plus our "Boobz" zine with a Radvent-Only X-Mas Variant Cover!

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