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We Don't Think You're Racist! (Digital Book)

Finally, a book for white people! Do you fear being called racist more than anything, yet have no interest in self-examination or improvement of any kind? This helpful book of daily affirmations will soothe away your guilt over crossing the street when you saw... a black guy. People of color smile to the reader with reassuring lines such as, "You can touch my hair... you can touch my hair all day," and "If I'm 'one of the good ones,' then you're clearly the best of the best." You don't have to be an ally as long as you feel like one.

"A hilarious yet informative read for anyone who's unknowingly said something stupid to someone of another race. It should be listed under Self-Help!"
-Roy Wood Jr., correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

About the Authors: Robin Higgins and Amanda Meadows are two comedy writers in Los Angeles. Robin performs at UCB Theatre, and has contributed to McSweeney's and Reductress. Amanda has been featured on The Verge and Paste Magazine, and is co-publisher of Devastator Press, the only all-humor press in America.

This is the We Don't Think You're Racist! digital book. You'll receive an email immediately after purchase with the download link. The print book is here.

Price: $3.00

  • Digital Book Format: PDF (DRM-Free!)
  • Page Count: 88
  • Release Date: April 13, 2016
  • Price: Print - $12 | Digital - $3
  • ISBN: 978-1-942099-17-8

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