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The Devastator

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The Devastator: Horror (Digital Book)

The Devastator is the geek comedy book series featuring new works by 30+ writers and artists from The Daily Show, The Onion, Adult Swim, Marvel and more!

The Devastator: Horror is inside the house! Pop culture better run while it still can, because Horror has a knife and... Oh my god! They got Caitlin! Do you dare open this disgusting den of monster parodies? We go Van Helsing on Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein, The Thing, the guy in the dog costume from The Shining and more! Flip the book around for "Scary Stories to Tell Your Ungrateful Family in the Dark," a 90s horror book that'll scare kids straight... into appreciating their dads, and rightfully distrusting their mother's new boyfriend.

"Really good stuff from authors that have some impressive credits (Adult Swim, The Daily Show, The Onion)." -CNET

"This is a goddamn fantastic book put out by people who truly care about releasing the best looking, most funniest comedy zine around." -Bleeding Cool

This is the Horror digital book. You'll receive an email immediately after purchase with the download link. The print book is here.

Price: $3.00

  • Digital Book Format: PDF (DRM-Free!)
  • Page Count: 60
  • Release Date: April 22, 2015
  • Price: Print - $10 | Digital - $3
  • ISBN: 978-1-942099-02-4

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