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How Much Did Indie Exhibitors Earn at Comic Cons?
How Much Did Indie Exhibitors Earn at Comic Cons?

We teamed up with The Beat this year to survey 107 our fellow artists, small press publishers, cartoonists and makers. They anonymously answered questions about the pop culture conventions and indie comics shows (aka CAFs) they attended. We asked for their opinions of the shows and their gross sales (sales before expenses). The results include many surprising twists and turns, but also: graphs!

If you're a comic-con or CAF exhibitor, read this to get a sense of how your sales compared to your peers and which shows were the best. If you're a fan, this will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the world of convention exhibitors... and the shows you attended.

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5 Responses to "How Much Did Indie Exhibitors Earn at Comic Cons?"
  1. It was great meeting you on Sunday morning at Long Beach Comic Expo! Thanks for publishing this data again this year. It’s a great read. Very interesting that the highest selling shows don’t correlate with the highest rated shows. Looks like Phoenix is the best show for both. I’m shocked that Salt Lake placed at the very bottom for satisfaction. I must have been very lucky.

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