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Convention Exhibitor Mega Survey

10 Responses to "Convention Exhibitor Mega Survey"
  1. PRM says:

    I hope we get some more people filling out the survey. This is some very valuable data! Good job guys!

  2. AH says:

    Wow. So interesting and put together in a way that really lets you draw comparisons. Thanks guys.

  3. Daniel says:

    This kind of information is very rare! Thank you for putting this together. (And please consider making this an annual report.)

  4. JNP says:

    The thing at Comikaze that hurt, was Stan coming on the main stage every 2 hours and the crowd ditching the tables to see him. A spectacle for sure, but when the organizers were trying to cultivate a crowd for him, they told people over the loud speaker, TWICE, to “stop buying comics and toys, and head over to the main stage” because Stan was coming up next. They didn’t need to do that. It’s Stan Lee. He’ll draw the crowd on his own.

  5. James says:

    Thanks very much for pulling this all together, and I second Daniel’s plea to make it an annual thing. This info is very valuable, and it put some stuff into perspective for us that we would have missed otherwise.

  6. Meredith says:

    Comikaze really just made it almost impossible to make money, that is the real problem. Our 10×10 was $1300. The show required around 33 hours of labor if you take into account the set up, tear down and show hours. If you have 2 people in your booth (pretty common for a 10×10) and you even calculate that labor at $10/hour that is close to another $660.00. You are already looking at close to $2,000 in expenses. That doesn’t account for incidentals like meals, parking, travel, etc. Factor in the fact that LA is kind of a starving artist city where most of the population doesn’t have a ton of disposable income and you have a set up that makes it extremely difficult to turn a profit. If they cut the show hours back to 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday only and cut that booth fee in half the show would have been fine and I’d be doing it again.

    I find it hard to imagine they can’t find a way to cut that booth fee, especially if they cut down the hours. It’s not that huge of a show and doesn’t need to be open for 27 hours over 3 days. The show had around 50k attendees. NYCC has around 133k attendees and their booth is $2200 so you are paying 1.7 cents per attendee vs 2.6 cents at Comikaze and that’s just booth cost. Considering NYC is a much more expensive city I find it impossible to believe that it’s necessary for exhibitors to pay considerably MORE per attendee to cover the cost of space, especially when there is room to cut the show hours and instill more of a sense of urgency to buy things.

    The show does not have a good reputation among exhibitors so hopefully they will make some changes to how they are running things.

  7. Ajay says:

    Denver Comic Con First Timer piping in here! As in, my very first experience exhibiting was in Artist Alley at Denver Comic Con 2013. What a place to learn the ropes!
    As someone with relatively little content and no real connections with big name artists in the area, I did very well. Surprisingly well! There were people swarming the place so even at the back of Artist Alley there were big crowds. The entire exhibitor area seemed about equal to the entire artist alley area, so the attendees couldn’t help going into the indie artists area to browse.

  8. Chris K. says:

    So much thanks for putting this together team Devastator. Very insightful and helpful to us all!

  9. Justin says:

    This is great!
    I’m always guessing at other artists take home- but only friends tend to compare actual numbers, so I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time I started going to shows in 2010, with my local con (became crazy addicted), then 3 cons the next year, then 7, and this year I attended 13. Mostly Canadian shows, with only New York and ChicagoWW in the states.
    I would love to help further this study for next year! let me know if there is anything I can do.

    ps. The Calgary Expo will make 9outa10 artists more moola than NYCC at half its size and a fraction the cost. best con for artists I’ve ever heard of.

  10. Kerry says:

    A more generic industry wide survey would be great! Something with the anime scene would also be neat!

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