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Cats You Never Learned About in History Class (Digital Book)

Behind every great man, there is a cat... who trips the man, causing him to sprain his ankle. Dr. Professor, Ph.D, a fuzzy little expert on world history (and purr history), introduces us to history's greatest cats: from a feline pharaoh who kept squirming off his throne to a cross-eyed tabby who led a 1960s sex cult. Perhaps your cat is related to one of these prominent pets. (You should be so lucky!)

"Two paws way up! A laugh out loud look at influential cats!"
-Jackie McKenzie, Crazy Cat Lady Clothing

About the Creators: Author Micki Grover has been published by the St. Petersburg Times, McSweeney's, and countless online outlets. Photographer Meredith Donahue is Photo Editor of The Devastator.

This is the Cats You Never Learned About in History Class digital book. You'll receive an email immediately after purchase with the download link. The print book is here.

Price: $1.00

  • Digital Book Format: PDF (DRM-Free!)
  • Page Count: 10
  • Release Date: February 25, 2015
  • Price: Print - $5 | Digital - $1

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