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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

The Cover of Devastator #8: Crossovers!

This August, all hail The Omnitoon!

Comic-Con Star Stalker!

The first (and therefore best) game about Comic-Con!

Press Quotes For The Devastator

Spoiler Alert: They all say nice things!

The Cover of Devastator #7: Spies!

We’ve blown our cover… (for the next issue.)

An Update On Our SPIES Issue

Finish the Spies issue? That’s Mission: Very Possible! So possible that it’s happening!

Radvent Sale: 11/26 – 12/15

Daily holiday deals are the true meaning of “Radvent!”

The Devastator Pop-Up Shop – October 20th

Only 4 score until the party begins (not really, it’s TOMORROW)!!!

The Devastator at RIOT Fest LA

We’re getting in on the RIOT! Will you be there?

The Cover of Devastator #6: Indie!

It’s an issue so cool, you’ve probably never heard of it.

Editor’s Birthday Shirtstravaganza

Throw ourselves a party for us in grand Devastator fashion!