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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

American Appalling: Minutes from an American Apparel Board Meeting

12:05 pm – Meeting delayed due to beer not being ironic enough.

The Devastator Pop-Up Shop – October 20th

Only 4 score until the party begins (not really, it’s TOMORROW)!!!

Devastator #6: Indie Teaser

A new issue of Devastator? American Apparently.

5 Tips To Becoming An Independent Thinker

You can be an individual by copying other individuals!

Indie Issue Preview: Invasion of the Klostermen

The greatest pop culture natural disaster in history!

Indie Issue Preview: Lil Banksy

Stop the gears of corporate tyranny via snail mail and drawings. Srsly.

The Cover of Devastator #6: Indie!

It’s an issue so cool, you’ve probably never heard of it.