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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

Random Panel: The Roast of Thulsa Doom

The snake gets skewered, Friars Club-style!

Store Spotlight – Devastator #5: Fantasy

This month’s Store Spotlight brings us to our most recent and leather-clad achievement: the brand-spankin’ new Fantasy issue!

Game of Phones

Join us as we quest for the power of decent cell phone service! Onward!

Fligglenaxe Adoption Certificate

Tony Millionaire’s adorably destructive Fligglenaxe needs a good home… your home!

Fantasy Issue Preview: Zach Weiner’s Comic

Take a sneak peak at the SMBC cartoonist’s contribution to our Fantasy issue.

Fantasy Issue Preview: The Real Last Unicorn

Check out this hilarious artwork and have no regrets.

The Cover of Devastator #5: Fantasy!

We’re revealing the cover for our upcoming Fantasy issue. It’s the stuff of legends!