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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Adult Prom on Volcano Island


Polish your mystical tiara! Vaseline your ogre teeth! Spike the elven punch!

Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Skeleton Fraternity Alumni Party


Remember thy secret handshake, bra! A Wizards of Cockblock Forest exclusive supplement!

Fill-In Fantasy


Finally, your very own chance to create the Final Fantasy game you’ve possibly longed for!

Stat Attack: Human Hybrids


Hybrid creatures abound! Lesley Tsina explores the deepest dredges of fantasy creatures!

Wizards of Cockblock Forest at San Diego Comic Con!


Wizards of Cockblock Forest will be LIVE at Comic Con International for 2 nights! Join us in Ballroom E for free snacks and prizes!



Less Bounce! More Trounce!

Lost Art: Bogs of Ba’Ghorr


No need to play a VHS tape, or locate your VHS player, to enjoy this…

Store Spotlight – Magic Without a Gathering


Figuring out you need friends to play Magic: The Gathering is the saddest realization in any young nerd’s life.

Map Of The Fantasy Author’s Home


Have ye no plan? No recognizable layout of thine own castle and keep? Then surely ye must click!

Random Panel: Rat Knights of Rat’s Hollow


Small, furry, armored rodentia burrow through the boroughs of Middle Earth!