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August’s Subscriber of the Month: Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber is a veteran comedy writer, a best-selling author, and August’s Subscriber of the Month! Hat-Trick!

June’s Subscriber of the Month: Holly Golden

Holly is a reality show developer, a sister of somebody on staff (but who?!), and June’s Subscriber of the Month!

May’s Subscriber of the Month: Logan Garner

Logan is a nerd blogger, a robot in disguise, and May’s Subscriber of the Month!

April’s Subscriber of the Month: Jared Sams

Jared is an indie cartoonist, a waffle aficionado, and April’s Subscriber of the Month!

March’s Subscriber of the Month: Crystal House

Crystal is a TV editor, a mega-Trekkie, and March’s Subscriber of the Month!

February’s Subscriber of the Month: Dave Cutter

Dave is a web designer, a devout seaman (heh heh), and our first ever SOTM!

FAQ: “Where Do You Find Your Writers and Artists?”

Let’s just say we’ve had to go through “hell”…

The Rosenbergs: History’s Sexiest Spies!

Julius and Ethel were “atomic” in the bedroom… IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

What Is The Independent Spirit?

Contributing Editor John Ford tells us about the mischievous ghost with the most hipster cred.

What’s With Bummer Indie Music?

Editor Amanda Meadows is getting old. Are YOU?