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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

Indie Issue Preview: Lil Banksy

Stop the gears of corporate tyranny via snail mail and drawings. Srsly.

Wolverine One-Liners

Cutting-up Marvel’s mightiest mutant with nothing but our adamantium-laced funny bones!

Mr. Do!

Clowns! Tunnels! Literature!

Issue Six Preview

A sneak peak at our next issue, courtesy of Noah Van Sciver!

Stat Attack: Hobbit Venn Diagram

The Hobbit has been divided into three movies, but we’ve broken down the filler for you.

Fill-In Fantasy

Finally, your very own chance to create the Final Fantasy game you’ve possibly longed for!

Our “Daily Twist” on Oreo’s Anniversary

The Mayan Calendar clearly foretells of hydroxide-laden snack treats performing heinous acts on a global scale…

Corgis, Cake Pops and Baby Turtles

These very ears and eyes are conduits to your inevitable doom.

United States of Russia

Fuel your gulag-constructed jetpack with Coca-Cola and see the world that was not was!

Rush Hour Fan Club: “Edutainment”

The dark and seedy side of Speaker Speller 3, as illustrated by Bryan Wolfson.