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The Devastator

Funny Books For Humans

August’s Subscriber of the Month: Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber is a veteran comedy writer, a best-selling author, and August’s Subscriber of the Month! Hat-Trick!

The Cover of Devastator #8: Crossovers!

This August, all hail The Omnitoon!

Comic-Con Star Stalker!

The first (and therefore best) game about Comic-Con!

June’s Subscriber of the Month: Holly Golden

Holly is a reality show developer, a sister of somebody on staff (but who?!), and June’s Subscriber of the Month!

May’s Subscriber of the Month: Logan Garner

Logan is a nerd blogger, a robot in disguise, and May’s Subscriber of the Month!

April’s Subscriber of the Month: Jared Sams

Jared is an indie cartoonist, a waffle aficionado, and April’s Subscriber of the Month!

Press Quotes For The Devastator

Spoiler Alert: They all say nice things!

The Cover of Devastator #7: Spies!

We’ve blown our cover… (for the next issue.)

March’s Subscriber of the Month: Crystal House

Crystal is a TV editor, a mega-Trekkie, and March’s Subscriber of the Month!

An Update On Our SPIES Issue

Finish the Spies issue? That’s Mission: Very Possible! So possible that it’s happening!