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Funny Books For Humans

An Update On Our SPIES Issue

Finish the Spies issue? That’s Mission: Very Possible! So possible that it’s happening!

CBS Offering Web Stream Of Just The Commercials, Halftime Show & The Puppy Bowl To All Twitter Comedians

“Hooray,” Say Twitter Comedians

American Appalling: Minutes from an American Apparel Board Meeting

12:05 pm – Meeting delayed due to beer not being ironic enough.

FAQ: “Why Make A Print Magazine In The Age Of Digital?”

The answer: blame our dads!

What Is The Independent Spirit?

Contributing Editor John Ford tells us about the mischievous ghost with the most hipster cred.

5 Tips To Becoming An Independent Thinker

You can be an individual by copying other individuals!

Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Adult Prom on Volcano Island

Polish your mystical tiara! Vaseline your ogre teeth! Spike the elven punch!

Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Skeleton Fraternity Alumni Party

Remember thy secret handshake, bra! A Wizards of Cockblock Forest exclusive supplement!

Issue Six Preview

A sneak peak at our next issue, courtesy of Noah Van Sciver!

World of War-Crack

Might as well face it, you’re addicted to WoW – Contributing Editor Patrick Baker recalls his RPG daze.