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Ryan Bartoski's Emotionally Relative Trading Card Guide (Digital Book)

Ryan Bartoski, a trading card enthusiast and Sioux City Flea Market regular, presents a guide to the value of trading cards based on his personal experiences. The Howard the Duck card where he's in bed with Beverly is worth $44, because it gave Ryan his first boner, and the Garbage Pail Kid card Fryin' Ryan is worth $7, because the author is also named Ryan! What is your collection worth (to Ryan)?

About the Author: Lee Keeler produces The Hour of Power Hour at the Improv Hollywood and is founder of the Green Gravel Comedy Fest in central Iowa.

This is the Ryan Bartoski's Emotionally Relative Trading Card Guide digital edition. You'll receive an email immediately after purchase with the download link. The print version is here.

Price: $1.00

  • Digital Book Format: PDF (DRM-Free!)
  • Page Count: 10
  • Release Date: December 14, 2016
  • Price: Print - $5 | Digital - $1

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