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wired_logo "Warp speed satire" -- Scott Thill, Wired.com
The Escapist "Seriously funny" -- Earnest Cavalli, The Escapist
AV club "It shouldn't come as any surprise that the contributors to The Devastator include alumni of Funny Or Die, Popzilla, Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros., McSweeney's, Cracked, Mad, and (full disclosure) The Onion. It's every inch as irreverently awesome as that pedigree suggests." -- Jason Heller, The A.V. Club

"Lively and amusing from start to finish" -- Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

"A humor magazine that values good design as highly as good gags..." -- Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

bleeding-cool-logo "The contributors at Devastator are creative, talented, funny folks who put together a great looking final product" -- Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool

"This is a goddamn fantastic book put out by people who truly care about releasing the best looking, most funniest, comedy zine around" -- Louie Falcetti, Bleeding Cool

amd-jeffreybrown-jpg "Devastator is poised to start picking up the slack left by the decline of magazines like Mad, Cracked or even Lampoon, with a smart mix of humorous prose and comics." -- Jeffrey Brown, author of Vader and Son and Cats Are Weird
logo-1 "I will attest to The Devastator being a very very funny book, I've read every issue, I think they're hilarious. I always look forward to it coming out." -- Jordan Morris, Jordan, Jesse, Go!
comics alliance "What makes the Devastator so enjoyable is that it zeroes in on elements that are part of the culture and uses them as the foundations to springboard into jokes." -- Chris Sims, Comics Alliance

"Secretly Hilarious" -- Chris Sims, Comics Alliance

LA i'm yours "[The Devastator is] the finest printed, best designed, and funniest mini-magazine in Los Angeles - and maybe even the entire country." -- Kyle Fitzpatrick, LA I'm Yours
cnet_logo “...really good stuff from authors that have some impressive credits (Adult Swim, "The Daily Show," The Onion, etc.).” -- Rick Broida, CNET
geekscape "Be cool, like us, by making Devastator subscriptions a new all-occasions gift for everyone that you know." -- Joe Starr, Geekscape
comediva "[The Devastator's] been kicking ass and inspiring laughs as an unflappably engaging and freshly hysterical indie publication." -- Comediva
CBR-2 "An impressive group of creators... funny but a bit, um, disturbing?" -- JK Parkin, CBR / Robot 6

"As a rule, what makes a great crossover is a fun, clever idea presented in a way that keeps the focus on the fun and clever parts. That's what the Devastator contributors do and that's what makes this eighth issue so good."-- Michael May, CBR / Robot 6

suvudu02 "[The Devastator has] a hip but undeniably warped sensibility that falls somewhere between the broad satire of National Lampoon or Mad magazine and the bitter humor of indie comic great Peter Bagge."

"[The Devastator] knows their nerd stuff as well as they do humor, and have no problems mixing the two up for laughs." -- Matt Staggs, Suduvu (Del Rey)

The_Comedy_Bureau_Logo_2_point_oh "Always really funny" -- Jake Kroeger, The Comedy Bureau
Los Angeles Magazine Named one of the "Top 5 Small Press Booths at Comic Con" by Elina Shatkin, Los Angeles Magazine
geek nation "...great comics from truly twisted (and hilarious) minds who've left their marks on The Daily Show, Marvel, DC, Spike TV and many, many more." -- MissCr1xLee, Geek Nation
crave online "It's smart, funny on multiple levels... tilted, askew, satirical, tongue-in-cheek, and a number of other adjectives." -- Christian Krauspe, CraveOnline
Banner "I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard... this magazine is chock full of comedic gold." -- Jack Placidi, The Awesome Cave
LA taco "The Devastator is an LA-based quarterly comedy magazine hailed far and wide for their wit, wisdom, and insanity." -- L.A. Taco
Comics Bulletin "Humor often works best when it can get its barbs in popular targets but also maintain a healthy distance ... that's what the Devastator team does." -- Nick Hanover, ComicsBulletin
CartoonBrewLogo "It's a sweet little package of funny stuff (45 pages in color), and there are some great artists and writers involved." -- Jerry Beck, Cartoon Brew
cropped-comics-grinder-banner-2012 "[The Devastator] has tapped into the all the good stuff coming from the punk and zine scene from yesteryear and found itself quite relevant and much needed." -- Henry Chamberlain, Comics Grinder
playeraffinitylogo "The sophistication of The Onion, but with the geek culture references from one's youth that can be found on any vintage T-Shirt website... I enjoy Devastator quarterly magazine and you should too!" -- Dustin Cabeal, Player Affinity / Comic Bastards
GPLogo2010 "[The Devastator is] funny and features some pretty amazing talent." -- GamePolitics.com
giant-fire-robot-logo "Hits my funny bone square on" -- Andrew, Giant Fire Breathing Robot
So-Magazine-275x270 "Pick up [an issue] now" -- Jake Kroeger, So Magazine
logo-header1200 "The Devastator features original comic and comedy work from a true variety of funny indie creators, and the results are hilarious." -- Nerd City
reglarwiglarbanner "It contains comics and other writings of a satirical nature intended to make you laugh, preferably out loud. It succeeds in this endeavor." -- Reglar Wiglar
the-beat-logo "When you have a promo video starring James Urbaniak, you jump to the head of the list." -- Heidi MacDonald, The Beat
nerd-out-with-me-logo "Delivering hilarious stories, comics and parodies of all things pop culture, homages abound (as well as amusing, but not-always-so-flattering references) in this gem of a publication." -- Logan Garner, Nerd Out With Me
comixtreme "For fans of comedy, and those who just love satire or cartoons, this is a must have... If you don't love this, I don't want to know you." -- Comixtreme, 4.5/5















































































































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