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The Devastator

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The Cover of Devastator #8: Crossovers!


The Devastator #8: Crossovers hits subscriber mailboxes and bookstores this August. At the center of the cover is the almighty animation, the deity of doodles, The Omnipotent Omnitoon - illustrated by the spectacular Jim Rugg. Oh, and yes, that's gonna be a real hologram on the cover, because The '90s.

We're capping off our second volume by playing pop culture gods and mashing universes together. You'll see Batman and Q-Bert finally team up, all the Colin Firth characters meeting in space, and a hot hookup between Yoda and Aughra from The Dark Crystal! (Wrinkly Muppet sex, anyone?) Headliners include cartoonists Box Brown, R. Sikoryak, Malachi Ward, Jon Schnepp, and comedian Blaine Captach!

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