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May’s Subscriber of the Month: Logan Garner

We want to take a moment to recognize the most important people in the world of Devastator: our brilliant, abnormally intelligent subscribers! If a comedy magazine is printed in the woods, but it's never sent to folks via the mail, is it... y'know, a thing? Logan is a nerd blogger, a robot in disguise, and May's Subscriber of the Month!

Logan Garner, you have achieved Subscriber of the Month status! Identify the elements in your life that helped you attain this noble title.

Huzzah! I recently set out to re-watch every episode of both the X-Files and Samurai Jack, which must have been noticed by some pretty important people.

You write a blog called Nerd Out With Me and your first name is Logan. Did you change your first name to be more like Wolverine? If so, we're officially on board with that life choice.

I do! And mostly, it's a swell blog... mostly. While I did not change my name, I was nearly given the name "Hershal" at birth. I like to think that the obstetrician in yellow spandex inspired my parents to opt for "Logan" instead.

logan-garner-c3p0Please describe the perfect evening of nerding out.

My perfect evening of nerding out generally involves dressing up as a robot and playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with C-3PO under a local overpass. That bastard 3PO throws paper every time. I'll get him one of these days!

How many ways has The Devastator changed your life for the better?

Well, for one, I get exponentially happier with every issue of the Devastator that I receive, which is excellent. I've also been getting uncontrollable urges to take my cats on harnessed walks outside while wearing fancy hats. Somehow I feel the Devastator wants me to do it...

What's your super-favoritest Devastator article or comic?

My favorite Devastator comic of all time is actually the first one I ever saw (no shit!), which was the victorian/steampunk-ish, "The Amazing Inspector Gadget: The Electric Policeman."  It was a beautifully rendered and ridiculous 1-page build up to perhaps the funniest punchline ever: "I--I can't move." It's the reason I first swore unending allegiance to The Devastator.

This is your megaphone to your fellow Devastator subscribers out there. What would you like to say to everybody?

You are all the cat's pajamas, Devastator creators and subscribers alike! And don't forget, with a little know-how, elbow grease and only trivial blood loss, you too can become Subscriber of the Month!

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