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The Devastator

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The Cover of Devastator #7: Spies!


The Devastator #7: Spies hits subscriber mailboxes and bookstores in March 2013. The cover features a sexy illustration by sexy cartoonist Michael "Sexy" Kupperman. Also: Sexy!

Our mission, which we totally chose to accept, is to make fun of pop culture's greatest spies, like James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Boris & Natasha. (If you don't agree with that last choice, perhaps you are moose or squirrel?) Headliners include Laura Silverman, Dominic Dierkes, Todd Alcott and Brent Spiner!

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Bonus: The issue comes with a secret spy decoder for finding hidden messages throughout the issue!

Double Bonus: You can use the issue to cover your face when you're stalking enemies!

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