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An Update On Our SPIES Issue

We are nearing completion on The Devastator #7: Spies, which will feature take-offs on James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Boris Badenov - "The Three B's of Espionage," as they're most commonly known. Currently, we're in the layout stage, which means all the writing and art assets are in, but they still need to be modified, arranged, sweetened, pinched, and snuggled tightly to our bosoms in Adobe inDesign by our very talented Design Director, Russ Lee.

There are more comics, illustrations, photos and arts in this issue than in any previous! That's awesome for readers, but a hilarious burden on our server space. We're considering upgrading our servers or going completely old school and have artists mail us their artwork in manila envelopes with the little string on the flap. The latter option wouldn't actually help us, but it's funny to inconvenience talented people for no reason. That's the first thing you learn when you become a Hollywood executive!

We're planning to release the cover online very soon, so stay tuned for an eye-popping illustration by cartoonist Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed To Thrizzle). The issue is slated to hit subscriber mailboxes by the end of March, and will debut at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA (March 29-31). We'll have a booth at this year's show, so you won't have to sneak around Artist's Alley to find us. Though if you want to sneak around in general, that would certainly be an issue-appropriate way to walk.

One more awesome note: Spies comes equipped with a red lens spy decoder! (See the banner image above for what it'll look like.) The spy decoder is exactly like the kind the CIA uses, only not at all! There are hidden messages throughout the issue, each one more important and vital to national security than the last. Can you find all the messages? I sincerely hope so... for all our sakes.

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