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Wizards of Cockblock Forest: Skeleton Fraternity Alumni Party

Our fifth issue of The Devastator saw a flip-book first for us: an honest-to-goodness, fully functional role-playing game called Wizards of Cockblock Forest. We're as proud of our mystical nerdscape as any we could have ever imagined, and for that we're happy to announce a supplement to the existing handbook: Skeleton College - Fraternity Alumni Gathering!


Scenario: Skeleton College - Fraternity Alumni Gathering


You are entering the dilapidated Delta Kappa Tation frat house at Skeleton College ("Go Skulls"). It's a private wine and cheese mixer attended by skeletons wearing Delta-Kap sweatshirts, accompanied by their wives - mostly skeletons, but there are hydra and demonboar wives, too. You're in the main lobby, decorated by paddles and framed, B&W photos of skeletons holding paddles. There's a kitchen to the left, where you hear the booming voice of Kasey the Greek Faerie, the forcefully charming Faerie President of the Cockblock Forest Greek Society. There's a rickety staircase leading upstairs, where you hear a faint moaning.


Lobby: Skeletons aren't too bright. Some will think the Wizards are bros and ask for "The Delta Digits" (secret handshake). Smarter ones ask: "who are you, again?"

Upstairs: One of the doors in the hallway of bedrooms is ajar. Inside, the haughty Lich President of the Delta-Kap Alumni Association furiously rubs his os coxa while sniffing an active brother's gym shorts. He's got the Gold Delta-Kap Baseball Cap in his Skeleton College tote bag!

Kitchen: One of the brothers is a terrible bartender, begging for tips, who also sells Delta-Kap gear. He's got loose lips when it comes to fraternity secrets.

Faerie Circle: Kasey talks to 1 Demonboar Wife and 3 Frat Skeletons. Kasey tells the story of the infamous Faerie Fling Break, where Kasey forced pledges to form a Faerie beer ladder over 20 ft. tall!


Demonboar Wife (Evil Chimera): 3 BBP [Bored Fire Dance: -4 BBP to all in room]

Frat Skeleton (Undead Alumni): 1 BBP [Bones Before Hos: -6 to attacker dice roll]

Lich President (Lich, watch out for his extensive "media contacts"): 8 BBP
[Paralyzing Empty Threat: Wizard -6 BBP, paralyzed (cannot attack) next turn]

Items For Sale

Low Power: Gelfling Wine, Exotic Supermarket Cheese Plate, Delta-Kap Tie Pin

High Power: Delta-Kap Sweatshirt, Power Paddle, Gold Delta-Kap Baseball Cap

Kasey: 21 SRP

[Life Goal: Recite the Greek alphabet in space]

[Weakness - Brotherhood: Wizard wearing Delta-Kap letters gets +2 for faerie checks.]

["Playful" Punch: Wizard -8 BBP, loses a turn]

[Pledgemaster: Wizard must perform any non-fatal action Kasey requests]

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