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The Devastator is a print comedy magazine founded in December 2009 by Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows, two comedy writer-editors from Los Angeles.

Every issue is a geeky, full color mix of comics and written satire based on a theme. We're distributed around the world and sold in over 35 stores across the United States, UK and Canada. We publish quarterly, which really means, "whenever we can afford to."

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The Devestator: Reviews

  • "A humor magazine that values good design as highly as good gags..." - Noel Murray, AV Club
  • "Warp speed satire" - Scott Thill, Wired.com
  • "This is a goddamn fantastic book put out by people who truly care about releasing the best looking, most funniest, comedy zine around" - Louis Falcetti, Bleeding Cool

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